The competitive advantage you’ve been looking for.

Every Partner Acceleration Bootcamp session is designed to help individuals and organizations develop and deliver partner success. Participants will learn how to build and maintain a competitive channel strategy, including their ideal partner profile, automation, partner recruitment and onboarding, and partner investments.

Who Should Take the Channel & Partner Strategy Programs?

These programs are designed for individuals and organizations who are ready to level up their skills and accelerate the success of their Channel. All experience levels are welcome.

PAB is for all professionals who are:

  • Interested in understanding the critical path to developing a successful channel.
  • Transitioning into a new channel role.
  • Looking to expand their knowledge of channel strategy and partnership.
  • Coming into a new role that supports the channel.

Channel & Partner Strategy Education Faculty

Every Channel & Partner Strategy program is taught by former leading Channel Executives who have built and implemented award-winning channel programs.