The Science of Partnering Trust

Build trusting partnerships that deliver long-term value to vendors, service providers, partners, and the end customer with PQi®.

Are your teams building trusting partnerships effectively?

As the technology ecosystem shifts from being vendor-dominated to partner-led, the significance of creating trusting partnerships is your competitive differentiator that leads to:

Increased Relationship Value

Greater Return on Your Partner Investment

Enhanced Partner Experience 

Leverage science and technology to transform the partnering ability of your teams.

PQi® is a scientifically validated empirical system of measurement rooted in the Five Factor Model that identifies the traits. necessary to help your teams create mutually beneficial partnerships.

AchieveUnite developed PQi® with researchers at leading business schools:

“PQi uses cutting-edge research to help organizations build lasting partnerships; I highly recommend it.”

– Dr. Mike Bear, Arizona State University

Through the advanced statistical analysis of hundreds of leaders across industries, including Technology, Nonprofit, Education, SMB, and Enterprise, we uncovered five core partnering types:


Builds partnerships through a cooperative and agreeable manner.


Builds partnerships through a cheerful and altruistic


Builds partnerships through a dutiful, moral, and modest manner.


Builds partnerships through a composed and stable


Builds partnerships through exceptional hard skills and decision-making capability.

Your Team’s PQi Journey

Discover Your Partnering Type. 

Complete your individual PQi assessment in under 15-minutes. Upon completion, participants receive an in-depth breakdown of their partnering type and executives receive readout with data and insights to deliver clarity about your team. 

Accelerate Your Partnering Ability.

The AchieveUnite PQi® Expert Workshop leverages the science of partnering, giving participants a firm understanding of critical partnering concepts and techniques proven to produce business results.

The PQi® Expert workshop is delivered to your team virtually or in person* through facilitated conversation that help participants learn, process, and apply the skills necessary  to create trusting and lucrative business partnerships.

Experiential Learning.

Participants continue to enhance their partnering ability through micro-learning with the AchieveUnite Experience app. We deliver curated, bite-sized content via AI for a personalized experience proven to help information retention by 22%.