Topics Covered

  1. Pathway to Purpose – Learn how to understand those around you and how to align your purpose with theirs.
  2. Creating a Values Driven Culture – Understand the intricacies of diversity, equity, and inclusion to create a results-oriented culture where inspiration, innovation and creativity happen daily. 
  3. Understanding Strategy – Learn how your strategy affects your company and how to strategize correctly to ensure optimal business results. 
  4. Optimizing Internal Teams – Learn what it takes to create a high performing team and your key role as an individual contributor, manager, or executive. 
  5. The External Value Exchange – Learn how to develop trusted external relationships that deliver value and success. Ask – What is your partner ecosystem? Your own board of advisors? Who are your industry influencers?
  6. Leading Change – Understand how to become a change agent and the influencer of influencers for your company. 
  7. Capstone– At the conclusion of the program, each participant will present a capstone project demonstrating ways to apply key course learnings in their workplace.

Learning Built Around Your Organization

ACE: The WE of Leadership is a 8-week virtual course.

      • Each 90 minute session is designed as a “flipped classroom”
      • Includes 8 weeks of consecutive peer group meetings, as well as full access to all course content for the duration of the course.
      • Participants complete assignments prior to each class.
      • Participants assimilate new knowledge from one another and apply it to real-life situations, all under the direction of a skilled instructor.
      • Participants problem solve in real time and empower one another with uniquely targeted and valuable feedback.
      • Each participant graduates class with an ACE Alumni badge to proudly display in social media, etc.

Class Options:

      • Customized programs available.

Only 90 Minutes/Week

Course Facilitators

ACE career-building courses are led by our accomplished facilitators who have walked in your shoes to offer global best practices within a highly interactive, flipped-classroom environment.