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AchieveUnite Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs (DEI) are designed to help organizations and teams intentionally create inclusive work environments. This lens will impact employees, their teams, partner ecosystems, and clients. Our experienced team can help you determine which DEI education and training programs are right for your employees, partners, and clients.

Whether your organization is just starting their DEI journey, or wants assistance evolving and expanding existing programs, we have the strategies to help you realize a culture of inclusivity, and programs to help organizations create measurable outcomes and meaningful change.

When employees and partners feel a sense of belonging and that they have opportunities for advancement, they are more productive and loyal.


ACE: Inclusive Leadership by Influence

The AchieveUnite ACE: Inclusive Leadership by Influence program brings together professionals within your organization and/or with partner organizations in a safe environment to learn from each other and grow as leaders. With a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity lens throughout all classes, participants learn through highly interactive sessions and self-study. Program includes:

  • Eight 90-minute live virtual classes and two 60-minute live virtual practice circles
  • Facilitation by AchieveUnite faculty who have specific expertise in DEI and have led strategic DEI initiatives in organizations
  • Online discussion boards and resources
  • Easy-to-follow assignments with progress tracking
  • Community building, team building, and networking within the cohort

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Advisory Council Initiatives Around DEI

While organizations increasingly recognize that issues of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are critical to address, they often don’t know where to begin.
We combine our deep experience helping organizations develop Partner Advisory Councils and listening programs with specific DEI topics important to your organization to build a safe forum for the identification, evaluation, and development of solutions to mutual DEI challenges and opportunities with partners. This initiative can serve one or more of the following: 1. Assisting CEO/Partner Owners with their DEI focus strategies 2. Accelerate High Potential DEI Candidates Professional Development 3. Build DEI Owners/Executives into more successful businesses.

DEI focused Webinars, Roundtables, and Keynote Speakers

Whether used for internal employees, for MDF dollars, or as educational opportunities with partners, AchieveUnite courses and webinar sessions are designed to enlighten individuals and teams, and create a culture of self-analysis and growth around each individuals’ DEI journey.


AchieveUnite offers webinars designed to facilitate conversations around DEI topics, all available for customization around your specific organizational needs, including:

Pathway to Purpose
Our ‘why’ lies at the intersection of our values, talents, passions, skills, and expertise. But for many, day-to-day challenges of life often bury our awareness of these – or the confidence to give them a voice in our lives. In this webinar, gain insight into how to consider each of these tenets related to their life, and how to begin building their pathway to purpose in both their personal and professional lives. In addition, the discussion includes aligning values and ‘your why’ with others’ for a deeper relationship and value-based partnership.

Getting your Voice Heard
It is not unusual to hear complaints, from people at all levels of organizations, to say that they can’t get their voices heard. While women and other minority groups experience this the most, others experience this difficulty as well. “Getting Your Voice Heard”, offers practical suggestions to help men and women step into their power and get the attention they deserve for their opinions and ideas.

Innovate Yourself
In this webinar, we will share how you can start creating a personal and authentic brand and leadership, and the key to building your personal leadership roadmap. We will discuss the behaviors that make strong women leaders, how to navigate challenging relationships, and how to become more influential while maintaining your confidence and soul.


Roundtables create positive peer groups, create opportunities to hear what peers are thinking about/struggling with, and reinforce your organization as a leader in DEI progress.

Facilitated through small group, engaged, virtual, and in-person 60-minute sessions, roundtables enable facilitated conversations around DEI topics in a safe and productive environment.

To ensure roundtables are productive and meet the goals set out, AchieveUnite facilitates discussions with DEI and leadership experts, manages event pre-interviews, agenda, content, and communication drafts for promotion.


AchieveUnite DEI experts are available for corporate and conference events that want to support and foster positive conversations around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for all.

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