The Five Stages of Program Maturity

1. Basic

2. Tactical

3. Optimized

4. Advanced 

5. Partner-centric 


The VMi baseline assessment is conducted through an online, comprehensive survey of your internal team, and optional partner-facing survey, followed by a detailed readout of the results.

      • All survey questions are built from the industry-backed research of the Partner LifeTime Value® and its six domains –
        Allegiance, Commitment, Training, Investment, Velocity, and Engagement.
      • We encourage multiple stakeholders within the organization to participate in the survey.
      • All responses from individuals within your organization are aggregated.
      • Option to ask your partners to take a version of this survey to gain an external perspective of your organization.

Implement Your Results

Once you’ve completed the VMi assessment, it’s time to accelerate your channel strategy. Following our proven engagement methodology, we work alongside you to deliver valuable insights and a customized action plan to help build a strong channel. 

Choose one or both of the following options:

Workshop Session

      • Diagnose your channel with industry experts and industry best practices, identify your high-impact areas of improvement, and leave with a prioritized action plan for success.

Managed Subscriptions 

      • Define and track actions over time to increase maturity with a customized project plan.